Arovane Theme Trailer #3: Write A Book And Sell it

Tips& Tricks

Are you a book writer? or fashion news blogger? Now Arovane brings you a chance to show everything in a flipbook! Different reading experience it is!  If you have read Arovane Theme Trailer #2: Sell Service With WooCommerce, Guest what magic thing will happen.

Obviously, you can create an online reading book and sell it. For example, write a novel or tutorial with Arovane theme, and use a couple of Arovane built-in module: Simple Booking and Content Restriction to ask the readers pay for your book monthly or yearly, during the valid period, they can read the specific books on your website.

Compare with our another Flipbook WordPress theme MagicBook, the difference is you can create more than 1 book in Arovane Theme, yes, unlimited!

Beyond that,  you can do many other things with Arovane Flipbook, just keep to imagining.

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