3 Effective Ways To Make A Profitable Blog With WordPress

I remember my original purpose of using WordPress is blogging, just share my life or knowledge on my personal blog. After I quit my job and started WordPress business, I focused on thinking about how to make money with WordPress. Besides selling WordPress products( themes, plugins or service), blogging is another important way to earn money with WordPress. So, in this article, I will introduce 3 effective ways to make a profitable blog.

Bookmaking Flipbook WordPress Theme

Some Tips For Designing Book Pages With Bookmaking Theme

According to the questions from our Bookmaking theme buyers, so we decided to write some tips for designing book pages with Elementor page builder in this theme. If you still don’t know what is Bookmaking theme, please click here to check it out, and if you are already purchased Bookmaking WordPress theme and hope to…

Meet Bookmaking: A Real 3D Flip Book WordPress Theme

Today I will bring you an amazing new WordPress theme: Bookmaking. When you see the theme name, you will know it must be something related to creating the book. Correct! Bookmaking theme is a flip book WordPress theme, you can use it to create E-Magazine, personal resume or even publish your first novel online! 

Make Your WordPress Site GDPR Compliant

Recently the biggest news is GDPR became effective since 25th, May. If you don’t know what GDPR is, please search on google. Anyway, no matter whether you are an EU citizen, if your website visitors cover the EU people, just make your WordPress website compliance for this extremely strict lawsuits quickly. 

Which WordPress Page Builder Do You Like?

Recently, we develop a new fashion WooCommerce theme. We have already finished the framework, but at this stage, we hesitate to choose a better page builder for our theme. Now, I list all popular page builder in this post and compare with each other,  hope you can kindly show us your opinion.

The Best Simple & Clean WordPress Blog Themes 2017

We handpick some simple & clean WordPress blog themes in this post. Simple and Clean are always two important factors for reviewing a blog theme, simple means it’s easy to use, the users don’t need to spend too many times on getting started with this theme and just focus on writing. Clean means highly readability, no too many information noises and easy to read. OK, let’s check these amazing WordPress blog themes.

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