Awesome! WordPress Team Starts To Improve WooCommerce Admin UI!


No doubt that WooCommerce is one of powerful and popular E-Commerce software based on WordPress, but we still have to face a big pain point of all the time: Slow, especially on the WooCommerce Admin Pages.

I know there are many factors such as web hosting speed, local network quality, 3rd-party plugins issue and so on. But compare with Shopify backend, the user experience is much better than WooCommerce, you can fast to add or edit the product, smoothly transit the page from one to another page.

It’s not only the speed issue, but also a UX design improvement issue. Some, of my customers complained that it’s not easy to manage the products, for example, they don’t know how to create the variables with different price and picture for a product, so I have to send them the official documentation time and time again. Sometimes, even I want to develop a JS-Powered UI instead of the default UI.

However, I found a big news yesterday after I upgraded WooCommerce on my test site, it noticed me install WooCommerce Admin Plugin, this is the plugin description:

A new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your store. The plugin includes new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

Is WooCommerce team already start to improve Admin UI? It feels like it. Now in the current early version, it mainly offers a few new features such as they mentioned:

you’ll be able to have a glimpse of how your store is doing in the Dashboard, manage important aspects of your business (such as managing orders, stock, reviews) from anywhere in the interface, dive into your store data with a completely new Analytics section and more.

When you editing a product, you can see a toolbar is added above the title field, the shopkeeper can check the order notifications, stock status and reviews quickly with it.

WooCommerce Admin UI

WooCommerce Admin also allows store owners to customize a new dashboard screen with “performance indicators” that correspond in importance to their store’s operation.

WooCommerce Admin UI

Anyway, this is a good start, as they write on its plugin page header: Test drive the future of WooCommerce. A quicker, JavaScript-powered interface with exciting new features. So I totally believe that the developer team is already focused on optimizing the speed issue, good job!

Here’s the detailed introduction about WooCommerce Admin on WooCommerce official blog:

let’s looking forward to this project together!

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