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One Page Website is very popular in these years, so I found there are more and more One Page WordPress Themes are selling on Themeforest. When you are reading this article, guess that you are going to create your own one page site for your startup business, right?

Before starting this topic, I wanna share my experience on our One Page Theme technique support. I remember we released our first Premium WordPress Theme – SimpleKey on Themeforest in January 2013, SimpleKey is an one page portfolio theme which has over 3000 sales so far. At one time, it was on Weekly Top Sellers Board on Themeforest for 3 months, so we are also need to spend much time to provide prompt technique support for our clients. I’m gonna list some frequently user consults, I think, will help you a lot before you start to build your one page website.

Why One Page Website?

Always pursue fashionable trend blindly is not a good thing, even though one page website is very popular. You should ask yourself that why you want to create a one page site for your business or product. In my opinions, one page is not suitable for all kinds of site, for example, if you want to find more page results in search engine, one page website is not the best choice, I will talk about it in the next section.

But if you want to create online resume or a landing page for your service or one of a special product, one page website is a very good choice, you can promote this landing page with CPC or CPS advertisment, it’s easy to make the rate of conversion to higher.

One Page Website is not good for SEO?

Some users ask me, “Johnny, thanks for your awesome SimpleKey theme, no doubt that it’s easy to use, however, unfortunately I found it’s not so good for SEO, because when I was searching my site on google, it will not return too much results, why?”

Hmmm.. After all, it’s only one page, isnt’ it? All content are placed on the front page and there’s no inner pages, so I think before you build one page site, you have to think about SEO is the most important thing for you or not, because compared with multi-pages site, one page site is not very good for SEO.

This doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no solution for One Page SEO. My suggestion is that you can think about put some content includes hyperlinks which is linked to the inner pages, for example, recent blog posts, or add the “read more” link for read the full content for each service item, etc.. Then the google robot will find more inner pages through these links. Sounds good!

Does this theme support multiple page?

Sounds it’s a strange question, but for some reasons, user want to change their one page website to a multiple page site (maybe they regretted), so before you decide to choose an one page theme, just remind you to make sure this theme is support that or not.

For our SimpleKey theme, I feel helpless when I first time to heard this question, I was thought that SimpleKey doesn’t support multiple page, because the menu items are in sync with each section on the front page, when you click one menu item, the page will scrolled down to the corresponding section, all menu items are anchor link. What shall we do? But then I found out that we can add those menu items with custom link, then when click the menu link, the page will redirected to the inner page instead of the scroll down effect, so easy!


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  1. Nice article Johnny. I’ve also made my portfolio website of single page and already started SEO using social media but it does not help in google search rakings. I was thinking about starting something else and came across your article, I like your idea about starting a blog and placing links there. Thank you very much for this article.

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