What is The Best Way to Sell Digital Downloads With WordPress?

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You might want to launch your online shop to sell digital downloads, but always hesitate to choose which solution to getting started. As far as I know, both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are the best options. So, how to make a choice between them?

WooCommerce: More Powerful and Comprehensive

No doubt that WooCommerce is the post powerful and popular eCommerce plugin in WordPress world, then under Automattic. The WooCommerce developer community is larger than Easy Digital Downloads as well as the resource (themes, add-ons, experts). You can sell anything with it, for example, physical products, bookable services, subscription-based business and downloadable products.

Easy Digital Download: More Vertically Focus on The Digital Downloads Selling

However, when I first time to set up my own online shop to sell WordPress themes, I chose to use Easy Digital Downloads for my digital products selling. You might ask me why, just because I was thought that WooCommerce is overkill for my simple digital online shop, but Easy Digital Downloads is more vertically focus on the digital downloads selling, small and lightweight. As a developer, I think Easy Digital Download theme is easy to made and customized, at least, this is what I felt while I develop DGWork, yes, it’s an Easy Digital Downloads theme, of course, you can launch your digital shop based on DGWork, and customize it.

Anyway, if you only sell digital downloads, that’s enough!

The Cost of Basic Solution to Sell Digital Downloads Online

Not only create a basic shop for digital downloads selling, but also sometimes you might have to provide an After-sale support system to your buyers, so the content restriction feature is required that only allow the product buyers access into the support system. Let’s compare the cost of basic solutions between WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads


Obviously, Easy Digital Downloads is easier and cheaper than WooCommerce solution to set up digital online shop. Well, As I said above, it’s absolutely enough for sell digital downloads.


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