Send Mail In WordPress With Mailgun Service & Plugin


Recently I received many questions from our theme users that their WordPress website can’t send mail to visitors. Generally, I told them to make sure the PHP sendmail module is working properly on their server, however, after they installed the sendmail module and checked again, they had another problem that the sending speed is very slow and asked me how to fix it,  it’s a server configuration issue, although I know a solution is that update the “/etc/hosts” file on your server with “nano /etc/hosts” command to like this: localhost.localdomain localhost yourhostname, but I just strongly recommend to use Mailgun SMTP service to instead of PHP sendmail, because of high stability.

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4 Essential Plugins For A New Launched WordPress Website

4 essential plugins for a new-launched wordpress websiteThe important things you need to think about after you launched a new WordPress website should be improve the page loading speed, SEO, automatically backup and the security question, especially the latter two. Because I have paid for my lazy, many important data and files were lost before, that was my nightmare. Since then, I usually install and activate the following four essential plugins at the first time when I launch my new WordPress website, I hope it being recognised as serious, especially for the new WordPress users.Read More »
Two Important Tips For Customize WordPress Theme

Two Important Tips For Customize WordPress Theme

I noticed that some of our theme buyers are customize WordPress themes for their own clients based on a premium theme. They often leave me message with start as “Just a idiot question…”, and then they may be ask me how to change the font color, how to ugrade the theme without lose their custom code and so on. Of course I’m pleased to help them fix these simple issues soon, but if you guys knows the following two important and useful tips to customize a WordPress theme, t...

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Add Quote Comment Feature in WordPress By jQuery

Add Quote Comment Feature in WordPress By jQuery

A CityNews theme user asked me how to add quote comment feature in WordPress, he wants to enhance the interactivity for the comment section, but you know there’s only reply link beneath the comment content by default, so today I would like to share a very simple and useful trick to add the quote feature for the comment section. Read More »

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SimpleKey Theme is Ready For WooCommerce

One Page WooCommerce Theme

Today we released SimpleKey V2.06, the biggest change in this version is that we made SimpleKey theme compatible with WooCommerce, now you can freely to create a One Page WooCommerce Website with it.  Especially, SimpleKey now is very suitable for create a landing page for your product or service with real one-stop shopping experience. Read More »

The ThemeVan Story With Themeforest


Since 2009, I’ve been heard Themeforest, a growing fast marketplace can buy and sell many web products like HTML templates, WordPress themes, and the other CMS themes.  Many early authors got big sales with their WordPress themes, looks so admirable! So I was always thought about a question day and night: “Can I quit my day job and sell my WordPress Theme?” because I’m not sure whether it’s worth to be a full time job or not,  I asked some authors. Fortunately, I received a reply from a kind author, she said “Don’t spend too much time to mulling things over.Just roll your sleeves up. ” You can’t think how I appreciate her words! finally, I get started, because of her encouragement.
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Build A Fashion Blog & Online Store With Miao Theme


Today I just want to introduce our ‘Miao theme‘ theme to the guys who is planning to create a fashion blog with elegant appearance. At first,  a friend hoped me to suggest a clean style blog or magazine WordPress Theme to her, she’s a costume designer. She was planning to create a fashion blog and write some articles to share her inspirations in fashion field. The important is that the theme must compatible with WooCommerce,  so I was googling and found many awesome free or premium blog themes, however, those themes can’t meet her needs more or less. Finally, I decided to design a elegant blog or magazine theme separately for her and sell it on the themeforest, of course, she was agree with me. Read More »

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