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10 features you need to know about WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.2 has been downloaded a killer 12M+ times. WordPress as a whole continues to grow and is touted to be in the approximate 14% of the web zone. That’s ridiculously huge and it astounds me how big the projects footprint has become in the 7 years I’ve been around the community. Well done to all involved!

With that said, WordPress 3.3 is just around the corner and, as usual, it’s chock full of goodies for everyone. I’d say that the notable changes for developers are the most significant. Improved metadata handling, improved SQL tools, improved cache API and deprecation of several venerable functions are all changes that developers should be aware of.

This article touches mostly on the user experience and features that are new in WordPress 3.3. Developers who want to dive in should reference this running list of “things” that were addressed in WP 3.3. Continue reading “10 features you need to know about WordPress 3.3”


Use Imagedrop plugin to insert images in WordPress


I guess you’re like me, usually impetuous when insert images into the article content in WordPress, too slowly, do the same thing again and again. So now, I found a plugin called Imagedrop as my saviour.

Please upload and active the plugin. Let’s add new post, then you will find a gallery on the page right side, you can easily drag the image into the editor, anywhere.

Imagedrop plugin download at

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