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In my impression, theme business has become more difficult since 2015, because of more and more new web designers and WordPress developers has accessed to this field, especially teams. Yes, some awesome teams released their super multiple purpose themes that allow users to create almost all kind of common website, and they include 20–100+ demos and a powerful page builder in one theme package! What a big workload it is!

Nowadays, start theme business doesn’t mean that you just need to develop some simple web templates and sell them, it’s not enough. In my opinion, actually, most of the premium themes looks like web application includes many utility features, options, and friendly user experience. The other side, you have to make an effective marketing strategy and provide prompt support service and so on.

Obviously, It is not realistic to do it alone as an individual, because the work progress is indeed too slow. Instead, go it alone has passed, the establishment of alliances between developers and designers has become the trend. So, let’s work together, guys! We’ve still got a hell of a lot to play for, even if the competition is so cruel.

If you are a talent web designer or WordPress developer and looking for collaboration opportunity, I’m very happy to hear from you via the contact page.

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