Do you like the new dashboard interface in WordPress 3.8?



I have upgraded all my sites to WordPress 3.8 just now, the new dashboard interface is catching my eyes, actually, I like the new design – Flat Design, it looks pretty and clean, however, someone said they doesn’t like it, because they feels that it looks like the old version of drupal. Well, to each his own, and what’s your opinion?

In WordPress 3.8, the biggest couple of highlight is new interface for the backend, and Twenty Fourteen magazine theme integrated. Let’s see the official introduction.

The important is I really like the mobile device support, like they said, “We all access the internet in different ways. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop — no matter what you use, WordPress will adapt and you’ll feel right at home.” Additionally, there are more color schemes you can choose.


The other shining point is the new theme – Twenty Fourteen. It uses two columns and left aligned design, looks like the style of dashboard. For general bloggers, you can make your website looks like a simple CMS website with this awesome integrated theme, and for the developers, I think we can learn more good stuffs in the source code, absolutely, it’s worth researching!


WordPress is more and more powerful, however, they are trying best to make it looks not too heavily at least, obviously in their new design style.

Anyway, hope WordPress will be better and better in the future!

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