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    My site i use Aesop Story Engine plugin for create medium style post.
    But all elements dont work in Wonders theme. Why? CHAPTER, PARALLAX,VIDEO,MAP elements dont work. Not shows.
    Please help me.
    Gallery element its nice work.
    Other and default all theme Aesop Story Engine plugin nice work.
    Plugin url:


    John Wu


    Thanks you let me know this awesome plugin, but I haven’t tested it with the theme when I developed the theme.

    After I activated the plugin, it requires to add the following codes into functions.php

    add_theme_support("aesop-component-styles", array("parallax", "image", "quote", "gallery", "content", "video", "audio", "collection", "chapter", "document", "character", "map", "timeline" ) );

    Have you added it? I tried to add it and looks the element can show up as normal.



    Hi Johnny Woo.
    Yes its nice plugin for crate story post. Yes i add in functions.php
    add_theme_support("aesop-component-styles", array("parallax", "image", "quote", "gallery", "content", "video", "audio", "collection", "chapter", "document", "character", "map", "timeline" ) );
    But “parallax”,”video”,”chapter”,”map”, “timeline dont work in Wonders theme.
    Please search error and fix this error. Thanks!


    John Wu

    Sorry for the delay. I tested it for a long time.

    First of all, look at a test post I added in your website.

    The Parallax, Audio, Chapter and map are working.

    For the video doesn’t display, I found the plugin generated the following code, but the container is no height.

    <div class="fluid-width-video-wrapper">....</div>

    After I set the height value to 500px manually, the video is show up.

    For the Parallax issue, if you place the video or audio into the page, the parallax will not work, if you only place a parallax section into the page, it’s working, I found the plugin generated the following codes, the container also no height.

    <div class="aesop-parallax-sc">....</div>

    As same as the video issue, I set the min-height to 400px manually, it’s working fine.

    You can check my custom CSS in “Wonders options > Custom code > Custom CSS”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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