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    Graham Ferguson
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    Can you confirm how I get edit the header navigation so that:

    1. I can increase the size of my site logo
    2. Increase the size of the navigation font

    I cannot see how this is done in Elementor for this theme

    Also are there any controls on the header image such as font size, adding buttons etc. Again I cannot see how this is controlled in elemantor in the normal way which limits flexibility?

    John Wu
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    I will add new options to change the logo size and navigation font size in the new version. But in the current version, you can add the following CSS to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS


    If you only change the logo width, just change width:14%, for example, width:15% or width: 200px;
    If you also want to increase the logo height, please use the following custom CSS

    .main-navigation ul{

    For changing menu font size, please append the following CSS

    .main-navigation ul li a{

    For the last issue, which part of the header image you mean? Could you paste a link here? If you use the WordPress Default page header such as the demo https://demo.themevan.com/dew/ you can only change the text in Appearance > Customize > Site Identify.

    Here’s an easy way, just rebuild the page header to instead of WP default page header. For example, edit the homepage, select “Blank page”, then access to Elementor edit screen, you can just add a new row at the top of the page, and add the other elements which you want.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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