Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker‎ For Content Marketing Writer


Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker

When I was googling if there is any grammar checker app for Mac, finally I’m so fortunate to meet Grammarly, such a useful grammar checker tool for Content Marketing Writer. It makes sure everything you type, it’s easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

When you typing in the text area field, Grammarly is keeping to check every word and showing the number of grammar errors, let you know how to correct the grammar, that’s so amazing for non-English speaker!

Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker

Once you installed Grammarly Chrome extension, it works anywhere in the Chrome browser. Not only that, you can also enjoy it on your Mac through Grammarly Mac APP or directly use Web APP to write your articles and export the text file.

Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker

They provide both Free and Premium version. The Free version only includes 150 critical grammar and spelling checks, but you can enjoy full advanced features in the Premium version. Actually, you can start to use it from Free version and upgrade to the Premium version at any time if you need. Just compare all features difference between Free Version and Premium Version below.

The Best Grammar Checker

I’m not the affiliate partner, just because this product resolved my pain point, that’s why I recommend it. If you know any other grammar checker apps, don’t forget to share below.

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