MagicBook is actually a book look like framework for cool information shown. You can use for portfolio, vCard/resume, art work, restaurant, activity, cooperation or anything you want to show in a really cool way.
MagicBook is a real 3D flip book WordPress Theme with unlimited page number,cool 3D menu, responsive feature and easy customization etc. No more words, just have a look at the Demo site, believe that you will “WOW” !

Features Overview

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • 3D Perspective Animate
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Easy Customizable with Visual Composer
  • Unlimited Pages & Menu
  • Cool Animate with Portfolio
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Well Documented
  • WPML Ready
  • Demo Files Included (XML)
  • Excellent Support
  • And more…
V1.15.1 - 2017.03.25
 - Fixed the preset background picture doesn’t display in the dropdown list option.
V1.15 - 2017.03.24
- Added full-width slider for portfolio post. 
- Added IMDB to the social media list. 
- Updated vc_row.php template 
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.1 
- Updated Font Awesome to 4.7 
- Fixed some PHP warnings. 
- Fixed the Ajax comment function doesn’t work in the latest version of WordPress. 
- Changed text domain to 'magicbook'.
V1.14 - 2016-11-14
- Made all PHP functions pluggable.
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.0
V1.13 - 2016-10-04
 - Fixed the #hash URL was linked to the wrong page. 
- Fixed some small CSS issue to compatible with Visual Composer 4.12.1 
- Updated Redux framework to the latest version. 
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.12.1 
- Added one click demo import feature. 
- Appended cover picture option to single image element in Visual Composer. 
- Appended font size option to separate text element in Visual Composer. 
- Improved the page loading speed.
V1.12.1 - 2016-04-25
 - Fixed sometimes the book is hidden on firefox. 
- Updated Visual Composer to V4.11.2.1
V1.12 - 2016-04-15
- Updated Redux Framework - Updated Visual Composer
V1.11- 2016-01-23
- Fixed the progress bar in Visual Composer can’t be edited. 
- Fixed the multiple portfolios page doesn’t work properly. 
- Fixed the book cover disappeared issue when user close the book through the first page. 
- Added open menu by custom link.(e.g. Menu) 
- Added the default menu into the separate page, single post. 
- updated Visual Composer to v4.9.2
V1.10- 2015-12-01
 - Fixed the scrollbar doesn't appeared in the menu container. 
- Fixed some small CSS issues. 
- Added a new option to remove the default menu button from the top right of screen. 
- Added a new option to change the page flipping direction. 
- Added Child Theme example. 
- Updated Visual Composer to V4.8.1
V1.09- 2015-10-07
- Fixed the flipover link doesn’t work for sub menu item. 
- Hide the default menu button which at top right corner when the book is opened. 
- Updated Visual Composer to V4.7.4 for XSS vulnerability issue.
V1.08- 2015-08-28
- Added lightbox open method for the portfolios. 
- Fixed the side menu can’t be hidden in safari browser. 
- Fixed the book was often stucked. 
- Updated the perfect scrollbar plugin. 
- Fixed the page wasn't scroll to top when turn the page on mobile device.
V1.07- 2015-06-27
- Added custom flipover link feature. 
- Added directly open the book page by URL hash. 
- Fixed the space bar doesn’t work in the input or textarea. 
- Fixed some responsive CSS. 
- Fixed the next arrow can’t turn the page issue on mobile. 
- Added a menu button and side menu list in the cover page. 
- Fixed the separate page is blank issue. 
- Updated the Visual Composer to the latest version and fixed the XSS vulnerability in prettyPhoto.
V1.06- 2015-05-10
- Updated Redux Framework and TGM Plugin Activation class for XSS vulnerability. 
- Added left arrow to close the book in the first page corner. 
- Fixed the close comment option doesn’t work. 
- Updated Visual Composer to the latest version.
- Improved the page which contains a big picture non-scrollable.
V1.05- 2015-01-01
- Removed the black overlay of the cover picture on mobile device.
- Fixed a small bug of the timeline VC block. 
- Fixed the menu text doesn't display on the latest version of Firefox. 
- Fixed a scrollbar bug.
V1.04- 2014-12-04
- Fixed portfolio slideshow doesn't work. 
- Added the portfolio image gallery feature for the lightbox effect.
V1.03- 2014-12-02 - Changed files
- Fixed the category option of "Magicbook blog" block doesn't work. 
- Fixed the category option of "Magicbook portfolios" block doesn't work. 
- Improved the blog and portfolio post content loading speed when you open them. 
- Improved the responsive issue for the separate page. 
- Improved the css issue for the cover page on mobile. 
- Added the global footer text option. 
- Fixed the body font option doesn't work in Customizer.
V1.02- 2014-11-07
 - Changed the open method for social media link. 
- Added "Read me" button text field in Magicbook Options. 
- Added an new font option to change the body text font in customize page. 
- Added "Home" button to the separate pages. 
- Fixed the display problem on iPad portrait mode.
V1.01- 2014-09-17
  - Fixed a small issue on mobile version.
  - Fixed small small CSS issues.
  - Update Visual Composer to V4.3.4
V1.0- 2014-09-16

We write the detailed documentation for each product, it’s a useful guide to help the users to setup their website. You can find it in your download package.

Support Page

If you have any questions, you can let me know your issues through the support page. We will reply you as soon as human possible. Go to Support Page →

Animated Preview

The cool 3D effect in this flip book wordpress theme

Magicbook- 3D Flipping Book WordPress Theme


A fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops.


Cool 3D Flip Over Effect makes the book looks so realistic, isn’t it?

Magicbook- 3D Flipping Book WordPress Theme
Magicbook- 3D Flipping Book WordPress Theme


The side menu has unlimited numbers of items and it will display as cool 3D effect in this flip book WordPress Theme


We include Visual Composer plugin in this 3D flip book WordPress Theme, it’s a very powerful and popular page builder.

Learn More
Magicbook- 3D Flipping Book WordPress Theme
Magicbook- 3D Flipping Book WordPress Theme


We include an advanced theme options panel which is based on Redux Framework (A Open-Source Powerful Framework).


General Features

These general features are also our basic standard


All our themes is fully responsive support that adapts perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Theme Options

We include advanced admin panel and many custom options in our themes that allow users to manage and setup the theme visually and easily.

Translation options

Our themes includes language .PO files, so you can create your own language file with Poedit. The themes are also compatible with WPML.


Take full advantage of modern web technologies. Semantic HTML markup and standards compliant CSS.

Google Fonts Support

We integrated the google fonts into our theme options or customizer options, so there's unlimited font selection.

Child Theme Support

Our themes are child theme friendly which can make it a lot to customize the theme without modify the parent theme in order to upgrade the parent theme smoothly.



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