WooUX Theme Trailer #1: Design For Digital Product Page

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We have a long time no release any new WooCommerce Themes, until today,  I’m so happy to tell you that our new WooCommerce Theme WooUX is almost finished!  About 7 months ago, we spent 3 months to browse the topics in many E-Commerce groups on Facebook and collect the pain spots which are not covered by the existing WooCommerce themes in the WordPress market. Once we knew what issues we should to fix that will bring the shopkeepers more useful features and better-using experience, We intended to address all of them eagerly.

Although currently, I can’t list all unique features before we release WooUX theme, I couldn’t hold my hand leaves away from the keyboard, so just let you know what pain spots will be fixed by WooUX Theme. In this first part of Make WooUX Theme Different Collection, we talk about Digital Product Support in WooCommerce Theme.

Overlooked WooCommerce Product Type:  Digital Product

Maybe you know WooCommerce supports both physical products and virtual products selling, but when a client asked me to suggest him any good WooCommerce themes which are suitable for selling digital downloads,  I recommended him two of our EDD themes: DGWork and Dew, but they are based on another powerful E-Commerce plugin: Easy Digital Downloads so that can’t meet his requirement. Because he had already purchased some WooCommerce extensions. I was immediately searching on Google and ThemeForest, checking the demos of those top sellers WooCommerce themes.

Absolutely, those themes are very powerful with plenty of beautiful pre-designed demos, but no one is very suitable for selling digital downloads. Although the product page design looks perfect for the physical products, but… let’s say if I want to sell the video or audio files, then a media player is needed for previewing the video or audio in the product page, right? How to do that?

Specially Design For Digital Product Page

We noticed that the common solution is use the third party plugins to insert the player to the product description. Well, good job, but not perfect. We enhanced the product page for selling digital products in WooUX theme, I can’t say more until WooUX theme is released, but you can enjoy the following GIF screenshot, and guess how we specially design for showing digital product?



Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned to Make WooUX Theme Different collection, I will let you know more surprises whichWooUX Theme will bring to you!


9 thoughts on “WooUX Theme Trailer #1: Design For Digital Product Page

  1. Hello,

    So good to read you have the new Arovane theme in the pipeline. I have been looking at your DGWork theme as an option to use for a music library download service I want to offer to my film maker clients, but wondered if I should wait to check out you new Arovane theme, as I have been interested in working with Woocommerce as an alternative to EDD.

    I need a really good Audio Player where my clients can preview the music clips before buying and downloading them. This entails having a playlist as I will be offering numerous different variations of the music, i.e. Different mixes, and different lengths. It would also need the option to be able to purchase each track individually as well as a ‘bundle’

    Do you plan to release the Arovane theme this year? As I would love to review it before making my decision.

    Many thanks and keep up the excellent work you do…!

    1. Hi, William!

      We are planning to release Arovane theme in May or June. Thanks for your good suggestion, now it doesn’t support playlist, but we will think to add this feature before we finally release it.

      Please stay tuned to our website, or newsletter.


      1. Hi John

        Thank you so much for your quick response…!

        Great news that you aim to release this year, especially in the next few months, this will work perfectly for me, as I am still writing lots of music to eventually add to the library, so the timing fits well.

        If I can help in anyway with any of the functionality, if you need someone to review then please let me know, very happy to help. I think offering this function will be a huge help to composers / musicians like me that need options to showcase more than one track. I have looked at lots of different themes the last few days and not many offer this, so please to hear you are considering adding this.

        Take care and speak again soon. I have subscribed to your newsletter.

        1. Thank you for you interested in it. After we finished all works, I can send you a private email to show you the music demo.


          1. Thank you John, I look forward to reviewing the music demo once you have completed this. Really appreciate you doing this.

            Take care

        2. Hi John,

          Sorry one last question. Will you be offering the new Arovane theme for both Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads? Or is this not possible? Apologies as I am not technical when it comes to building themes.

          I only ask, as I understand that users do switch between these companies quite regularly due to either business needs or functionality changes / enhancements. I am guessing one advantage to using your new theme, if it offered both Woo and EDD, would be that your clients wouldn’t need to change using your theme. Just a thought.

          1. Hi, at this stage, it only supports WooCommerce, because WooCommerce is more powerful than EDD as well as the community. So we prefer Arovane and DGWork theme focus on different platforms, and we will also keep improving DGWork theme.

            Of course, Arovane doesn’t conflict with EDD. It means you still can use EDD with Arovane theme, but it’s lack of template choices.

            Hope it make sense.

          2. Thank you John. This makes complete sense. On further investigation it is very likely I will select to use WooCommerce as our e-commerce platform, so I am looking forward to seeing the Arovane theme when it is ready.
            I really appreciate your response. Speak again soon.

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