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Recently the biggest news is GDPR became effective since 25th, May. If you don’t know what GDPR is, please search on google. Anyway, no matter whether you are an EU citizen, if your website visitors cover the EU people, just make your WordPress website compliance for this extremely strict lawsuits quickly.  I gonna share this guide with you, hope it will save your time!

Create a Privacy Policy page

After you upgrade WordPress 4.9.6, you will see the private policy generator appeared in Settings menu item.  It offers a guide to let you know how to write a privacy policy,  you can also refer to ThemeVan privacy policy page, we only wrote down the basic content, but you should write it depends on what services your website provide. I collected some resources for writing privacy policy below, hope they have inspiration value for you.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

Install and activate GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin, let the visitors know why your website needs to collect their data in the cookie and the visitor can decide to agree or reject.

WP GDPR Compliance

Install and activate WP GDPR Compliance plugin, although this is a free plugin, it’s very easy to finish all settings quickly as well as the plugin UI looks nice. At this stage, WP GDPR Compliance offering integration with Comment, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, MailChimp for WordPress. Alos, the user data request page will be generated by this plugin, so the user can submit their email address to request manage their personal data on your website.

To check their development roadmap please visit

These two plugins are enough to make the common websites GDPR compliant. Additionally, we are still looking for the integration with bbPress, BuddyPress, if you know the solution,  I’m so pleased to hear from you!


If you need the more advanced features, here are some Premium GDPR related plugins resources:

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