Monstroid 2 Review: Highly Usability Multi-purpose WordPress Theme


I have used many multiple purpose WordPress themes, they can do almost everything, but I was disappointed with a big pain: Sometimes I don’t know how to start, even I’m a WordPress developer. Until I meet Monstroid 2.

Friendly Installation Wizard

After you activated Monstroid 2, the page will be redirected to the Installation Wizard as same as you install a software on the computer, the users don’t need to think more, just hit the next button to follow the wizard, that’s it!

Monstroid 2

Preset Demo Installer

Like the other multiple purpose WordPress themes, Monstroid 2 also provide the demo installer that allows the user to import the preset page designs into their WordPress site.

Monstroid 2

Before the demo import process starts, the wizard will show the plugin list which is this demo required and recommended, this is one of the features I love. Because in my old experience, some multiple purpose themes don’t support ‘install plugins per demo‘, so I have to install all plugins before I import a demo, in fact, some plugins are not required for this demo but I didn’t know.

However, Monstroid 2 also has a small issue that is the long plugin list makes me feel overstaffing and unwieldiness, but it’s not important. Because some of my theme users complained this point before, they suggested me to integrate those plugins into one panel just as the modules of JetPack plugin, the option configuration will be imported while running the demo importer, and the users can also disable the modules by themselves. Of course, I know Monstroid 2 use Cherry Framework, it’s not a big problem.

Also, another good feature of demo installer is that when a demo was imported, if I want to change to another skin, the demo installer will ask the user append the new demo content to existing demo content or replace all existing demo content. You don’t need to waste time to manually delete the old content before import the new demo, this is a very friendly feature!

Monstroid 2

While the import processing, you can see the progress and the import summary, yes, friendly! At least it’s better than let user wait with the boring screen and don’t know when the process will be finished.

Monstroid 2


Well-designed Skins

Monstroid 2

Like the other super power multi-purpose theme, Monstroid 2 also includes many much beautiful predefined design schemes that the user can directly use, and quickly set up their business website or online shop. You can check these well-designed demos here. Yes, the designs are very professional, just like they said: “Monstroid2 boasts clean and crispy design, bulletproof layout consistency and intuitive navigation.“, however, the total number of the demos is still less than the other multiple purpose themes, hope they will release more and more amazing design for Monstroid 2.


Highly Customizable

Monstroid 2 integrate all options into WP Live Customize board, this is one of the features what my best favorite! I always think that WP Customize is the future, it will instead of the classic separate options panel, because it’s visual, the user knows what they did while they changing something.

Monstroid 2

You can see the common design options like typography, colors and color scheme are included. It means you can quickly customize the site appearance by changing the font, color scheme, make your site looks different than the other Monstroid 2 websites.

Additionally, Monstroid 2 provide some useful options like Ads Managment, Mailchimp and so on. And, you can import or export your WP Customizer settings at any time.

Also, Monstroid 2 includes some different header layouts, this is a very important point for reviewing a multiple purpose theme, you know the site header design is a determinant factor for web design.


Meet Power Builder

If you have been used Avada theme, you should know Avada has their own Fusion page builder, Monstroid 2 also has its own page builder which is called Power Builder. The page builder is another determinant factor to show us whether this theme is highly customizable or not. I have simply experienced the Power Builder, generally speaking, it’s fast and easy to use, but the only one disadvantage is that they don’t provide the frontend editor, hope Monstroid 2 will improve this in the future.

Monstroid 2

Also, I tried to use the other page builder, they also work with Monstroid 2, so there’s no problem that you can free to choose another page builder which you like.


24 x 7 Support is the most competitive point

When I was installing the demo, I was noticed that they provide 24 x 7 fast support, this is really the most competitive point in the theme market, especially they’re definitely accurate with live support. You don’t need to worry about any questions when you using Monstroid 2 theme, anyway, they can save your time!

When I was doing the client project, I chose a theme for my client, and write some custom codes based this theme, but I stuck by a theme bug, I asked the theme developer’s help, but I got nothing and this theme was not available to sell, it means I will no way to contact for their support.

So, the fast support is really very important when you decide to buy a commercial theme.



Monstroid 2 theme is worth to buy for your next project, and not only build your own website but also very perfect for the client project, because of it’s under GPL License. Go to learn more about Monstroid 2.

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