How to Specific Variable Product Picture in WooCommerce?

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Variable Product Picture

Some new WooCommerce users often confused that how to specific Variable Product Picturefor each attribute of the variable product in WooCommerce, just like this WooCommerce product page example, you can change the color and see the product picture will change. So I just write down the steps as a useful tip that you can follow me to do that, it’s very easy.

Step 1: Add Attributes for Variable Product

When you edit a product, jus select “product type” option to “Variable Product”. Then, click “Attribute” tab, and add the product properties as attributes there, let’s say “Color”, here’s an example:


Variable Product Picture

Step 2: Create Variations from All Attributes

Switch to “Variations tab“, click “Add Variations” drop menu, and select “Create variations from all attributes” ,then click go button.

Variable Product Picture

Now, you can see all variable products are listed there:

Step 3: Specific The Variable Product Picture to Each Different Variation

Just edit each variation, upload specific product picture and set the different price or other properties value for each variation product item.

Variable Product Picture


Click the Save Changes button, that’s it. Does this tip make any sense for you?

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