Some Tips For Designing Book Pages With Bookmaking Theme

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According to the questions from our Bookmaking theme buyers, so we decided to write some tips for designing book pages with Elementor page builder in this theme. If you still don’t know what is Bookmaking theme, please click here to check it out, and if you are already purchased Bookmaking WordPress theme and hope to give us feedback or improvement suggestions, please log in your account and submit the feedback to our support forum.

Set the background picture to cover on the book page

If you want to make a picture cover on the whole book pages(left and right, or only one side), you can set the picture as the section background picture with the following parameters. The same method to set the one side column background picture.

Bookmaking Flipbook WordPress Theme

Set the min-height for the book page on different devices.

We recommend you set the section height to “Min Height” to 600px as this screenshot shows.

Then, you will able to adjust the different page height for the different devices:


Set the padding pace for the book page

If you want to design a book page such as the novel demo, maybe you need a padding space around the page, you should set the column margin space as this screenshot, don’t set the padding space for the column.


Please stay tuned this post, we will keep update it to introduce you more tips for designing the book pages with Bookmaking theme.

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