Getting Started With Child Theme or One Click Import The Demo Templates?


One Click Import

I curious that being a theme user, getting started with a child theme, or one click import the demo template, which solution do you like? Let’s me clear my question.

As you know, there are many premium themes includes a variety of demos, they allow the users to one click import the demo template, like Avada theme.

The other side, you probably know that there’s another theme business model, some theme developers provide kinds of child themes for the multiple purpose or style, for example, the child theme for the coffee bar website, for APP landing page or minimal style, metro UI and so on. Just like WooThemes, they sell the child themes based on their Storefront parent theme.

I’ve put myself in the mindset of a junior WordPress user and compared these two solutions.


One Click Import The Demo

When I first time to activated a new theme which provides kinds of demo templates, I don’t know how to getting started unless I getting started from a demo template with one click import feature, then I will know how to simply replace the pictures and text based on the demo template.

The disadvantage is, when I was already added some posts/pages content and uploaded pictures under ‘A’ demo template, but if I feel not good, I have to clear all finished content before I import ‘B’ demo, otherwise the new demo will generate many new pages and picture files, some of them are duplicated. Then, I have to rework it.


Use Child Theme

When I activated the Storefront theme and choose a child theme which I like. The same assumption as above, now I can switch another child theme without import the duplicate data and leave many useless picture files. It feels better.

But the question is that if I modified the child theme files, and now there’s a new version of this child theme available to update, I can’t update the child theme safely anymore, my changes will be lost if I overwrite the new version. Storefront theme author suggests using theme optimizations plugin for making upgrade-safe customizations. Looks good, right?

So, I prefer to use the child theme for the multiple purpose website. Being a user, which one do you like? Looking forward to hearing your opinion below.

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