Why We Changed To Use Elementor Page Builder in All Our Themes?

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Elementor Page Builder

Recently, we made an important decision: Integrate Elementor Page Builder into all our themes. We used to bundle WPBakery Page Builder(Firmly Visual Composer) into our themes, but after careful comparison and testing, we decided to change the main page builder to Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor is a free page builder includes Pro version, but the free version is very developer-friendly. It means we can freely extend the free version, and make it as powerful as the Pro version. For example, define the global controls, add custom widgets and so on. Although Pro version is not required in our themes, if the user needs Elementor official excellent support or the other benefits, they can decide to buy the Pro version by themselves.

Besides the developer friendly, there are two important factors made us embrace the Elementor page builder: Fast and Truly Responsive Friendly.

Elementor Page Builder: Fast and Smooth

The most important of a page builder is fast and smooth user experience. I don’t mean WP Bakery Page Builder is not good, anyway, it’s the powerful page builder in the past few years, but now as a new page builder, Elementor is growing fast in WordPress community. When you customize the page layout, no doubt that the first impression is operation experience is faster than WPBakery Page Builder.

Elementor Page Builder

Beyond that, we tailored Elementor Panel, make it movable in order to expand the whole screen view. As you can see the GIF screenshot above, you can drag and drop the panel freely just as using Photoshop. Now we have already included this improvement in our new WordPress Theme: Inno and Dew theme.

Elementor Page Builder: Responsive Friendly

Elementor Page Builder

Compared with WP Bakery Page Builder, Elementor also offers the devices switcher for adjusting the responsive layout, especially, we love the responsive controls.  For a simple example, you can change the column width, text font size, and many other elements properties separately for the responsive layout. It’s truly responsive friendly!

When we used WPBakery Page Builder, we were noticed that many theme authors have been made custom changes for the WPBakery Page Builder, in order to allow the users to easily customize the elements for different screen sizes, so we did the same thing. For setting the different font size of the heading text for the tablet and mobile phone, we added the custom font size option to the custom heading element in our old theme Focux and DGWork.

But now, it’s a ready-made feature in Elementor, it really saves a lot of our time!

More Ready-made Features

Besides that, we surprisingly found there are more ready-made features in Elementor, even it’s Free version. For instance, the SVG shape divider, the duration settings of animation, the complete group controls like border settings and typography settings. Yes, we touched by these small but useful features.

If you have purchased our Inno and Dew theme, maybe you have already enjoyed the fast operation experience. But, If you still haven’t tried this amazing page builder, we strongly suggest you can give a test on your local website, it’s truly fast!

Fast Growing Community

We know that one of the factors influence our decision, is that whether the community is strong or not, we need an active community behind this page builder. According to Elementor in WordPress.org statement, there are over 800,000 activated with 680+ five stars rated, and plenty of Elementor Add-ons are over there. The huge free resources that will save a lot of times on website building.

Sounds great?!  Just give a try.

5 thoughts on “Why We Changed To Use Elementor Page Builder in All Our Themes?

  1. So what happens to us who purchased DGWork theme?

    Do we need to install Elementor and delete WPBakery?

    It will work smooth with DGWork?

      1. hi! are you saying I can keep wpbakery and elementor so i dont lose the whole layout of countless carefully curated blog posts?:D
        Thank so much.

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