WooUX Theme Trailer #2: Sell Service With WooCommerce

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In WooUX Theme Trailer #1, I introduced we include well-designed product page for selling digital downloads with WooCommerce. Today, I will bring you another surprise. Are you ready?

As our understanding, E-Commerce is not only for selling product but also for selling service or membership. You know the subscription-based business model is the common profit method such as SAAS service, paid reading or downloading platform and so on. When the service period is expired, if the customers wanna continue to enjoy your service, they have to order again for the next period. No doubt that it’s really a good way to build a stable passive income channel and much better than the one-time fee. All that I want to let you know is that WooUX theme can help you do that!

Make Virtual Product Bookable

As I mentioned in the previous article, WooCommerce allows the user to set the product as a virtual or downloadable product. On the basis of this, you can continue to set the virtual product as a bookable product in WooUX theme! We developed WooCommerce Simple Booking extension and integrated it into our core plugin. You know WooCommerce official have already provided WooCommerce Booking and Subscription extensions on their website, and they are too expensive, of course, powerful as well.

We don’t want to do the repetitive works such as duplicate the features of official extensions. So, our WooCommerce Simple Booking extension is only a ‘lightweight’ solution for the simple booking appointment purpose:  Sell service or membership per month and restrict the content.

That’s enough to build many kinds of the website with this business model, for example, launch an online courses platform as same as Tutsplus, sell digital downloads with membership model, sell long-term service, etc.

Anyway, your imagination space will be expanded by this small extension of WooUX Theme!

Stay Tuned!

Next time, I will introduce a super creative staff to you, it makes WooUX theme unique!

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