Which WordPress Page Builder Do You Like?


Recently, we develop a new fashion WooCommerce theme. We have already finished the framework, but at this stage, we hesitate to choose a better page builders for our theme. Now, I list all popular page builder below, and compare with each other, hope you can kindly show us your opinion.

WPBakery Page Builder

No doubt that WPBakery Page Builder is NO.1 page builder on CodeCanyon. Almost all our themes were designed for WPBakery Page Builder.

The advantage of WPBakery Page Builder is that it’s stable and popular so that there are plenty of add-ons on CodeCanyon and WordPress.org. The documentation is very details and developer friendly.

However, the disadvantage is that it’s a little slow when to drag and drop the element and save the page, both in backend editor and front-end editor. This is the biggest problem so that we think to try the other page builder.


We noticed KingComposer is a free page builder only for backend editor, Pro version for the frontend editor. It’s a new high rated page builder on WordPress.org. Currently, 20k+ users activated KingComposer on their sites, growing fast. It’s very similar with Visual Composer, both the backend editor UI and some function methods. So, the Visual Composer users will not feel strange when you using KingComposer.

The biggest advantage of KingComposer is faster and better UX than Visual Composer. I have tried the backend editor and frontend editor, it’s cool! Also, their response is fast if you submit your question to their facebook group, even you use the free version.

The disadvantage is that we are not sure how the stability is. I still haven’t found any most popular theme is based on KingComposer, and there are few review articles on google result.

Beaver Builder

I love it so much so that I have developed an Addon plugin for Beaver Builder. 300k+ installed on WP.org, but we didn’t use it for our ThemeForest themes, because of the license limited, you know ThemeForest separate license is not completely compatible with GPL. Of course, we also think to use it with TGM Plugin Activation.

The best advantage is that I found all content HTML will not be lost even I deactivate Beaver Builder. Some users told me that this is a very important factor which they love, they will not worry about lose anything when they changing to use the other page builder, it will not lock users.


I met this new page builder on ProductHunt. They also provide free version and Pro version. 200k+ installed on WordPress.org, and many add-on plugins are available to download on WP.org.

The free version includes rich elements, and as same as Beaver Builder, the content will not be lost when you deactivate Elementor, and the widgets are also available to use in Elementor editor. Only one disadvantage for us is that we don’t like the page width is resized in frontend editor view.

Anyway, Elementor is absolutely an excellent popular page builder!

I want to hear your suggestion below, thanks!

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